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The Case for Millennials in Your Organization

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Written by William G Handlos, P.E. We have become accustomed to reading about the challenges in hiring, satisfying and integrating millennials into your organization.  First, it needs to be said that all twentysomethings are not alike.  Still, there are some common characteristics that seem to show up in most young employees… and from what I see it’s pretty good. They are genuine. They definitely are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).  Because their lives have been lived in a terrarium called the Internet, where everything they do is exposed to friends and family, there is seldom any pretense and rarely any shame about who they are, what they believe in, or what they think of us.  We could do a lot worse in the workplace than to have a group of people who value honesty and decency in their dealings with customers. They are full of optimism. Youthful idealism is not new and I am happy to say that the latest generation exhibits this characteristic.  Promotion, sales and service works best when the messenger is happy and upbeat. They think outside the box. We’ve heard plenty about the downside of the generation that was told (and believes) that… Read more »