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Good Managers Support Better Geosynthetics and the Innovative Spirit

Written by William G. Handlos, P.E.

We take pride in our innovative spirit at Presto Geosystems.

We take pride in our innovative spirit!

Innovation improves the world, puts people to work and often reduces resource consumption.  Are you pro innovation?  Of course you are.  Do your actions support innovation?  Maybe.

The construction industry has benefited over the last 35 years from the birth, development, and growth of the geosynthetic industry.  Soil stabilization solutions, flexible and rigid pavement and vegetated and non-vegetated porous pavement systems have matured from startup status to industry standard positions.  These solutions range from the simple to the engineered and include both two and three-dimensional products.  But, they all started with an idea that required the specifying engineer and installing contractors to accept that there are better ways to build.  Trust in the Geosynthetic Industry has paid off in faster installation times, reduced material needs, reduced project costs and longer lasting final projects.

The industry developed through cooperative relationships between manufacturers, engineers and contractors.  Open eyes, open minds and cooperation built genres like geogrid, woven and non-woven geotextiles and geocellular confinement.  But, the world is moving faster and pressures on staff resources have left its mark on product development.

A rising tide lifts all boats….unless your boat has an anchor and a short rope.

Ask an architect or practicing civil engineer how much time they have in their workday to examine new materials, products or installation techniques.  If it is not billable, research is often left to be done on the professional’s own time.  To an extent, that is understandable.  A professional must read professionally on one’s own and keep current to keep their industry knowledge high.  But, tradeshows and brown bag lunch presentations and time to explore new solutions must be encouraged and built into weekly schedules.  Do you allow your staff the opportunity to innovate?  Short ropes hold back professionals from developing ideas to grow your business.

It is in a designer’s best interest to be known as an innovator. Without that differentiation, what sets you apart from the next engineer………..from the next architect?  Price is all that is left.

Presto Geosystems’ engineers are always looking for ways to improve our existing line of products through improvements to the product itself, by creating inventive installation accessories and sometimes via the creation of a whole new genre of product.  We welcome all input and encourage you to take a look at what we have created.

Our lightweight construction mats are our latest innovation and are a greener, safer, and less expensive way to move materials and equipment across soft ground.  Check us out at .  Or, request a presentation at and we will come to your office and show you our innovative spirit.