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Make Communicating With You Easier

Written by William G. Handlos, P.E.

Use these effective steps to improve your communication with customers

Your company expends a high cost to acquire leads.  Presto’s cost to create a lead is estimated at $250 – $300 per qualified lead.  Think of that cost when your phone rings or you receive an email inquiry.  Leads are precious.  Treat leads well, so that they convert.  Treat leads poorly and they just may flip to a competitor.

  • Have your contact info on each and every e-mail.  It is frustrating to receive email from “Bob” without all contact info at the signature line.  Make it easy to reach you.  Smart phones allow one click calling to phone numbers on email.

  • Answer telephone calls and leave customers to voicemail only if absolutely necessary
    • Customers are ready to buy when they’re ready to buy….you may miss your chance. 
    • You must be present to win!
  • Make it clear to your customer after hours calls are no problem
    • They likely won’t use it, but it strengthens the relationship to know they can access you when they need you.
    • Let them know that you are there for them…….anytime.
  • Place your name and greeting on your voicemail so I know they know they have reached the right number.  No one wants to just get a “you’ve reached 555-5678……..”  How do they know they have reached the correct number?
    • Use a personalized greeting and be upbeat.
    • Don’t forget to change your vacation greeting when you come back.
  • Call back promptly
    • They are not waiting for you to find a solution………..the clock is ticking…….
    • Make sure that office support does not send customers to v-mail when you are traveling or away without warning them of a delay.
  • Know how to use your telephone and your computer
    • Can you make a 3-party call?
    • Can you bring in someone else while on a 2 way call?
    • Do you use text messaging when it’s a better option than e-mail?
      • Remember text recipients don’t know who you are unless you’re already in their contact list

Your company and your manufacturing partner works hard for lead development.  Use the leads wisely and we will be more successful…………together.