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Geoweb® Channel Protection System


Stabilize soils and prevent erosion on channel embankments exposed to low-to-high flows. Protect geomembrane-lined channels and containment systems. Eliminate the need for costly rip rap in drainage ditches and stormwater swales.

The Presto Geoweb® Channel Protection System is a proven solution for stabilizing and protecting channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types. Whether low or high flows, intermittent or continuous, the Geoweb geocell system can be designed to withstand even the highest velocities. Up to 30 ft/sec (9m/sec) with vegetation. Learn How.

Benefits of the flexible GEOWEB® concrete channel system for geomembrane protection.
Step-by-step installation sequence of the GEOWEB® Channel Protection System


Geoweb channels are engineered solutions that may include integral design components: Tendons, ATRA® Tendon Clips, ATRA® Anchors and ATRA® Keys. These full solution details are part of the Geoweb Channel Protection complimentary design evaluation that Presto offers.

Geoweb Channel Options:

Vegetated Protection

  • Replaces costly, higher-maintenance rip rap with lower maintenance, less expensive stabilized vegetation.
  • Effective in low flow channels and when low-to-high intermittent flows occur. With an overlying TRM, can withstand velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec). * CSU Research Results.
  • Are ideal for drainage ditches, swales and stormwater channels.

Aggregate Protection

  • Geoweb confined aggregate is more stable than unconfined aggregate.
  • Smaller, less expensive infill can be used in low-to-moderate flow conditions.
  • CSU Research Results: Geoweb filled with aggregate is more stable than unconfined rip rap with research showing at least a 50% reduction in size. Due to this reduction, Geoweb channels offer significant savings in rock, installation and transportation costs.

Concrete Hard-Armor Protection

  • For channels exposed to severe hydraulic stresses, the Geoweb system's formwork allows concrete to be poured on site and is an easy to install, flexible and less costly hard-armored system than pre-formed concrete systems.
  • Geoweb filled with concrete provides a flexible armored system capable of withstanding velocities over 35 fps and shear stresses of 21 psf. CSU Research Results
  • The system installs faster and is more cost effective than reinforced concrete and articulating concrete block channels. The system conforms to minor sub grade deformation and resists cracking and displacement that can occur with reinforced concrete.

Multi-Layered Protection

  • Tiered, vegetated Geoweb channels create natural living retaining walls that withstand high flows for short durations.
  • Their overall light weight allows them to tolerate reasonable differential settlement in soft soils while maintaining structural integrity.
  • They are quicker and easier to install than block wall systems.

Geomembrane Protection

A proven solution for protecting liners and reducing the sliding potential of infill cover. High-strength tendons and ATRA Tendon Clips become part of the Geoweb design solution that Presto offers.

ARCAT Design Tools:

Geoweb Time-Saving Accessories & Tools

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When concentrated flows or water fluctuations cause scour, consider the Presto GeoRunner Flow Protection Mats. These durable mats protect against scour caused by surface flow, water fluctuation and light wave action.

Channel Protection Key Applications

Design & Construction Tools

Presto offers a complimentary Geoweb project evaluation service.



Build your specification your way with Presto's fast and easy SPECMaker® Specification Tool.

Contractor Tools

Construction-friendly, time-savings accessories and tools may be part of the system: ATRA® Keys, ATRA® Clips/Anchors, ATRA® Restraint Clips, ATRA® Driver® System, and Tendons.

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