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Environmentally-Sound Channel Protection

Replace large rip-rap and gabions in stormwater swales and drainage ditches with lower maintenance, more aesthetically-pleasing vegetation or smaller aggregate with GEOWEB stormwater channels. GEOWEB-confined infill and an overlying TRM supports vegetation to resist flows up to 30 ft/sec (9m/sec). GEOWEB terraced retaining walls resist high flows for short durations creating natural, green channels that allow stormwater infiltration through the front fascia. Permeable GEOWEB aggregate channels offer higher durability in low-to-moderate flow conditions, with a reduction in rock size up to 10X!

Vegetated Channels vs Rip-Rap & Gabions  |  Aggregate Channels vs Rip-Rap

GEOWEB Permeable Channel Applications

  • Swales & Drainage Ditches
  • Stormwater Diversion Channels
  • Culvert Outfalls
  • Vegetated Channels for Rip-Rap Replacement

Discover More Benefits

Vegetated GEOWEB Channels

  • Replaces costly, higher-maintenance rip rap with lower maintenance, less expensive stabilized vegetation.
  • Effective in low flow channels with low-to-high intermittent flows.  With an overlying TRM, can withstand velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec). See GEOWEB with TRM Vegetated Research.
  • GEOWEB tiered channels built as gravity or reinforced retaining walls have an open fascia that allows vegetation, and stormwater infiltration.
  • Coir fabric wrapped lifts included in the wall design protect against infill loss in conditions with higher anticipated flow velocities.
  • Engineered fill (comprised of 2/3 open-graded base course and 1/3 topsoil) is a structural fill option allowing roots and water to move freely through the aggregate voids—allows occasional access by maintenance vehicles.

Permeable Aggregate GEOWEB Channels

  • GEOWEB confined aggregate is more stable than when unconfined, allowing smaller, less expensive aggregate in low-to-moderate flow conditions.
  • Locally available materials can be used as infill, reducing material purchase and transportation costs.
  • Performance Results: GEOWEB-confined aggregate is more stable than unconfined rip-rap with research showing a 10X reduction in rock size. This reduction offers significant savings in rock, installation and transportation costs. See GEOWEB Aggregate-Infill CSU Research Summary.