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Protection of Geomembranes in Stormwater & Wastewater Lagoons

Impervious liners that prevent leakage or infiltration of contaminants in stormwater and wastewater ponds, effluent storage ponds, and evaporation ponds are protected from damage for decades with the GEOWEB® system.  Compatible with all geomembrane types, the versatile GEOWEB system accommodates differential settlement and may be designed with several infill options including vegetation, aggregate or concrete for ‘flexible’ hard-armor protection. The GEOWEB system offers a complete solution for liner protection with high strength tendons and ATRA® load transfer clips—creating a suspended protective cover over the geomembrane that prevents accidental puncture and protects against natural degradation.

GEOWEB Solutions:  Vegetated Protection  |  Aggregate Protection  |  Hard-Armor Concrete

Stormwater & Wastewater Applications

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Basin Containment Benefits

  • Vegetated, aggregate or concrete pond slope protection alternatives are tailored to meet the specific challenges related to stormwater containment.
  • Concrete or aggregate infilled systems are suspended over the liner with a complete load transfer solution.  High-strength tendons and ATRA tendon load transfer clips protect the liner without compromising its integrity.
  • Concrete systems conform well to the subgrade soils, accommodating significant differential settlement. This is accomplished through the system’s inherent high FLEXIBILITY.
  • The GEOWEB solution reduces the cross-section 50% or more compared to reinforced concrete.
  • Accommodates construction equipment traffic during sediment removal operations.
  • Quick to deploy, occupies a small footprint in delivery and storage, and conforms to a variety of ground surface conditions.

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GEOWEB Specification Summary-Español

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