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Remediation of Steep Slopes at Mine Sites

Cut slopes from surface open pit mining and roadway embankments can be stabilized using the long-lasting GEOWEB solution. By stabilizing the embankment’s upper soil layer, the GEOWEB 3D structure allows slopes to be constructed steeper (>45º) while solving soil erosion and slope-surface stability problems not possible with 2D planar systems. Environmental impacts are reduced by limiting stormwater runoff, soil loss, and impacts to downstream waterways. The GEOWEB system also protects geomembrane covers using a patented tendon and ATRA® Tendon Clip anchorage system.  Download Design & Construction eBinder>>

Vegetated Slopes  |  Aggregate Slopes  |  Concrete Slopes

Slope Protection Applications:

  • Slope Protection, Erosion Control
  • Geomembrane Protection
  • Process and Waste Water Lagoons
  • Tailings Confinement
  • Pipeline Protection

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Slope Reclamation Benefits

  • 3D structure supports sustainable vegetation and allows slopes to be designed steeper than when infill is unconfined.
  • Creates stable embankment for safer work areas in open pit mines, potentially increasing minable area.
  • Provides protection to geomembranes (armored or vegetated).
  • For steeper areas, benched GEOWEB retaining walls (vegetated or non-vegetated) meet site requirements.