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Protection of Containment Basins & Stormwater Channels

Design high-performing, ‘low environmental impact’ GEOWEB® channels for stormwater conveyance, as well as for erosion protection of containment facilities. Protect impervious liners in lagoons, effluent storage ponds, evaporation ponds, and detention basins, preventing degradation and contaminant leakage.  With the GEOWEB system, channel and basin designs can be customized for each project with vegetation, aggregate or concrete infill, offering more economical solutions than rip-rap, gabions or reinforced concrete systems. The GEOWEB system’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material is highly resistant to acids and bases so is ideally suited to withstand harsh chemical environments.

Comparisons:  Vegetated Channels  |  Aggregate Channels  |  Concrete Channels