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Airport Runway, Taxiway and Shoulder Stabilization

Airport pavements designed to support heavy commercial aircraft and vehicle loads require a stable base to maintain pavement performance.  This can be challenging, especially in areas with soft soils and poor soils prone to settlement.  The GEOWEB system stabilizes the pavement base layer with 50% less fill, and offers a more stable base that results in longer pavement life.  The GEOWEB system is an effective base stabilization system as well as surface protection for unpaved, permeable shoulders and access ways.

GEOWEB Airport Applications

GEOWEB Runway & Shoulders

GEOWEB Runway & Shoulders

GEOWEB Deicing / Fuel Containment

GEOWEB Deicing / Fuel Containment

GEOWEB Pavements & Access Ways

GEOWEB Pavements & Access Ways

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Benefits for Airport Pavements

  • Reduces base requirements by as much as 50%.
  • Can be installed through inclement weather.
  • Improves runway and taxiway shoulder support issues caused by poor soils, snow melt, and excess rainfall.
  • Significantly strengthens open-graded granular materials, resulting in a highly-permeable structural system for stabilization of unpaved areas.
  • Variable infills, such as native sands, offer construction savings.

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