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GEOWEB® Geocell Accessories Built for Strength & Speed

Presto Geosystems’ GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System is the industry’s most complete geocell system, designed with accessories that increase strength, assure long-term performance, and speed installation. ATRA Keys offer 3X the strength and installation speed of stapling or zip ties. ATRA Anchors deliver strength, driving speed, and resistance to corrosive environments—ATRA Stake Clips and ATRA Speed Stake anchors. Anchors install 10X faster with ATRA Drivers. ATRA Tendon Clips are high-strength load transfer devices that allow preassembly of GEOWEB sections off-slope for the most efficient installation.

ATRA Accessories:  Connection Keys  |  Stake Clips & Anchors  |  Anchor Drivers  |  Load Transfer Clips

GEOWEB® ATRA® Accessories Built for Strength, Speed

  • ATRA® Keys are fast GEOWEB connection devices that are stronger and faster than stapling and zip ties. The key’s turn and ‘lock’ design assures a secure and long-term connection.
  • ATRA® Wall Keys are the most efficient geocell retaining wall connection device. Designed to seamlessly blend into the GEOWEB wall sections by matching the wall facia.
  • ATRA® Stake Clips are high-strength polymer end caps for creating GEOWEB anchors. Available for #4 and 10-12 mm rebar for contractors everywhere (US and Metric).
  • ATRA® Speed Stakes are one-piece molded polymer anchors engineered for optimal performance, resistance to corrosive environments and installation speed.
  • ATRA® Anchors are created by attaching ATRA Stake Clips to rebar or straight rods, forming anchors that are easier and faster to drive than curved J-hooks.
  • ATRA® Drivers are efficient anchor driving tools – workers can drive anchors 10X faster than with a sledge hammer. Reduces worker fatigue and extremely beneficial in hard soils or projects with high anchor density. Available in Hilti® or SDS® Max formats.
  • ATRA® Tendon Clips are high-strength load transfer devices for use with tendons. Designed with twice the pull-through strength of any other load transfer devices. ATRA Tendon Clips ‘lock’ with the GEOWEB cell wall for the most secure connection. Tendons secured with the locked components allow preassembly off-slope for easier installation.