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Presto Geosystems is a leading manufacturer of geocells and high quality construction products, supporting the civil, industrial, stormwater and construction industries with solutions to the most demanding soil and water problems.

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Featured Rail Ballast Research

Featured GEOWEB Rail Ballast Research

Presto Geosystems has released results from rigorous track research performed to quantify the reinforcement benefit of GEOWEB-confined ballast as compared to unconfined ballast. The research initiative was a cooperative effort between Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Kansas (KU) under the direction of Ben Leshchinsky, PE, PhD and Jie Han, PE, PhD. The results substantiate the effectiveness of GEOWEB-confined ballast for reducing ballast movement and settlement, decreasing subgrade pressures and increasing stability and rail performance—all of which translates to a substantial reduction of maintenance and increased ballast life, even over weak subgrades.

“We’ve been working with the railroads for over 30 years to stabilize their track ballast and shore up embankments. This research will help more railroads realize the benefits of GEOWEB-confined ballast and reduce capital and maintenance expenses each year for the upkeep of high quality ballast layers. Enduring well-designed ballast is the foundation on which successful rail lines operate. With ballooning rail traffic carrying heavier loads than ever, the HDPE GEOWEB 3D system effectively takes the pressure off critical ballast systems,” states Presto Geosystems’ Director, Bill Handlos, PE.

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Featured Product Video

Featured Product Video

Overcome site access challenges over soft soils with GEOTERRA mats. Safest mats in the industry are fast to deploy and install without heavy equipment. Proven benefit same as 12 inches of aggregate without need for site restoration. Lowest cost mats for site access and turf protection.

Featured WEBCAST Course

Featured WEBCAST.

Protect Slopes Against the Forces of Nature with GEOWEB 3D Soil Confinement.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the causes of slope surface erosion and how they lead to slope failure
  • Learn how the GEOWEB 3D system can protect against erosive forces
  • Learn how to apply GEOWEB slope protection systems in a variety of project conditions
  • Know when the GEOWEB system is applicable, even on every steep slopes

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