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“Structural Road Shoulders” Reduce Maintenance

Eliminate low and soft shoulder problems using the GEOWEB system infilled with road gravel. With GEOWEB confinement, problematic road shoulder erosion areas and rutting are essentially eliminated while maintaining drivable functionality. The GEOWEB system creates stable shoulders that reduce typical maintenance by up to 3 times, and protect sealed pavement from deterioration and edge breaks. Design GEOWEB shoulders with permeable aggregate or engineered topsoil/aggregate infill for strong grassed shoulders that also reduce stormwater runoff.

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Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Road Shoulder Stabilization Benefits

  • Creates permeable, stable shoulders that reduce rutting and eliminate degradation of the shoulder and adjacent sealed pavement.
  • Stabilizes infill material and controls shearing, lateral and vertical movement.
  • Increases the effective structural number, cutting fill requirements and costs in half.
  • May allow use of lower-quality, less costly on-site infill materials.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce stormwater runoff and receive environmental Low Impact Development (LID) benefits by infiltrating and storing stormwater on-site.

  • With permeable infill, the GEOWEB system saves the cost of traditional stormwater collection/storage systems by performing as an on-site stormwater retention/detention “basin”.
  • Permeable pavements are cooler pavements that reduce the heat island effect of traditional hard-surfaced pavements.

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