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Genuine GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System R&D

Presto Geosystems was first to develop polymeric (plastic) geocell in the late 1970’s and has created every major innovation since. Our innovations and technology are backed by solid research and testing performed by academic and industry leaders representing world-renowned laboratories and research institutions—including the University of Kansas, Colorado State University, Groupe CTT Group, and the TU Clausthal University of Technology. Presto Geosystems participates on ASTM standards committees to advance geocell technology.

The Geosystems engineering team converts the results of these studies into smart and practical products and empirically built models to help engineers and contractors solve the most demanding soil stabilization, porous pavement, and construction access challenges.

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Key R&D Developments:

GEOWEB Cellular Confinement Research

GEOWEB Cellular Confinement Research led to:

  • Textured Geocell for increased load performance.
  • Geocell perforations for “through wall” friction and for drainage.
  • Tendons for use in slopes and channels when staking cannot be utilized.
  • The engineered tendon load transfer device, reducing the number required and assuring a positive connection with the cell wall.
  • The ATRA stake clip that far out-performs J-hooks both in installation and in performance and is paired with the industry’s only vibratory installation hammer and ATRA gad.
  • Corrosion-free anchors available in polymeric options.
  • Unique composite Geocell solutions such as turf reinforcement mat over GEOWEB stabilizing channels up to 30 fps, concrete infill GEOWEB solutions beyond 40 fps, and Geocell riprap solutions that reduce aggregate size by as much as 10X.
  • We created a brand-new geosynthetic genre.

GEOTERRA Mat Research

GEOTERRA Mat Research led to:

  • Portable mat solutions so strong that they replaced 12 inches of aggregate base.
  • Several earth anchor solutions and unique one-of-a-kind auger anchors for fast installation and removal.
  • Specially developed installation tools for the industry’s fastest installation and deployment.
  • We created a brand-new portable construction access genre.