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Build Erosion-Resistant Road Embankments

Roadway slopes and bridge abutments are stabilized with the GEOWEB system to resist erosion caused by stormwater runoff, sheet flow and seepage.  Depending on the steepness, the GEOWEB system may be designed as a single-layer slope stabilization method, or multi-layered retaining walls.  Single-layered GEOWEB slope protection systems are designed with topsoil/vegetation, permeable aggregate, or hard-armor concrete, offering deep protection not provided by 2D planar ‘cover only’ systems.  Vegetated GEOWEB MSE retaining walls offer both green aesthetics and a strong structural solution for steep roadway embankment protection.

GEOWEB Slope Protection  |  GEOWEB Retaining Walls

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GEOWEB Slope Overview

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Attributes & Performance

GEOWEB Slope Protection

GEOWEB Slope Protection-Español

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Protect Slopes Against the Forces of Nature

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GEOWEB Specification Summary

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