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Sustainable Slope Protection and Natural Green Walls

Stability challenges created by slopes prone to erosion and sliding forces can be overcome with the GEOWEB® system. The system’s 3D structure creates a stable environment for embankment material, protecting the slope surface from erosion.

Design green GEOWEB retaining walls that support natural vegetation & plantings and retain structural integrity—even in poor base conditions. Presto offers free, licensed design software for GEOWEB gravity walls, reinforced walls and steepened slopes.

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Green Slopes & Walls Applications

  • Vegetated Slope Erosion Control
  • Green Reinforced & Gravity Walls
  • Landscape Walls, Change-in-Grade
  • Multi-Layered Channel Systems

Discover More Benefits

Green GEOWEB Slopes

  • Reinforcement of the upper soil layer offers long-term vegetated sustainability and resistance to erosive conditions and sliding forces.
  • Offers deep earth solutions not delivered by 2D surface treatments.
  • Reduces land use and costs as confined infill allows slopes to be designed steeper than when unconfined.
  • When hard soils or impervious liners don’t allow driving of anchors, high-strength tendons and ATRA® tendon load transfer clips become part of the design solution.

Green GEOWEB Walls

  • Performs well with differential settlement and retains structural integrity—even in poor base conditions.
  • Construct low-impact development walls that reduce stormwater runoff and help meet green building goals. The GEOWEB system’s open-celled horizontal terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation, allowing rain water to infiltrate through the wall fascia, and maximizing stormwater collection, and minimizing runoff.
  • Typical GEOWEB wall structures are Steepened Slopes, Reinforced Walls, Gravity Walls and Multi-Layered Channel Systems.