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3D Geocells Protect Embankments from Severe Erosion

Shore up steep embankments and prevent severe erosion on slopes and channels with the GEOWEB® System. The 3D cellular network prevents sheet flow from causing scour and erosion on slope surfaces. Confinement of infill allows smaller rock or vegetation in place of larger, costly rip rap. With concrete infill, the system is a flexible, hard-armor solution — more economical than reinforced concrete or articulated concrete blocks (ACBs). For grassed areas prone to concentrated erosion, GEORUNNER® Mats offer protection from scour.

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GEOWEB® Erosion Control Benefits

GEOWEB® 3D Vegetated Slope Protection Solutions
GEORUNNER® Surface Flow Mats Compared to Alternative Mats or Rip Rap
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slope protection infill

Builds Steeper Slopes.

GEOWEB 3D confinement allows construction of steep slopes using topsoil or other infill.

geocells infill with storm water flow

Resists Sheet Flow Erosion.

Confined infill in the 3D GEOWEB cellular structure is unaffected by sheet flow over the surface, preventing erosion.

I-slots for atra compontents

I-Slots for ATRA Components.

GEOWEB cell wall I-Slots facilitate use of stronger design and faster installation devices.  Join GEOWEB sections with ATRA keys, thread tendon and transfer load from the GEOWEB sections to tendons with ATRA tendon clips.

slope protection graphic

Cellular Network Creates Stable Growth Environment.

The GEOWEB 3D cellular network isolates each cell to create an eco-zone protected from erosive forces.

geocells GEOWEB dirt infill

Perforations Allow Root Lock-up.

Up to 20% of the GEOWEB wall is perforated to stimulate cross-root growth delivering a strong geo-vegetated solution.

channel erosion protection with vegetated walls

Allows Select Vegetation & Plantings.

Slopes can be designed with special vegetation type, flowering plants or even arid-resistant vegetation to meet climate conditions.

geomembrane channel erosion protection

Suspends Vegetation Over Liner Systems

Using tendons and ATRA tendon clips, support a GEOWEB solution over liners without puncturing the impermeable liner with stakes.

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More Economical.

GEORUNNER mats are half the cost of rip rap and lower cost than other transition mats in the market.

Portable Grass Protection Mats GEORUNNER

Better Vegetation Growth.

Compared to ScourStop or similar transition mats, the open lattice design of GEORUNNER mats allows for dense, stabilizing vegetation with better root engagement and reinforcement.

GEORUNNER surface protection mats

Side-to-Side Connection.

GEORUNNER mats are connected side-to-side with overlapping tabs and spring steel clips for an integral connection. Other mats do not have tabs and recommend laying their units side to side and joining with plastic straps, which can slide and separate.

GEORUNNER surface protection mat application

End-to-End Connection.

GEORUNNER mats are connected end-to-end with rivets with overlapping tabs, creating a flush connection. Other mats recommend ‘shingling’ which can lead to increased turbulence.

GEORUNNER Surface Protection Mat

Industry Standard Anchors.

Duckbill® anchors (300 lb pullout), Gripple® and stainless steel cable are GEORUNNER anchor components. Other mats use plastic straps that are susceptible to breaking, long term strain and cutting.

surface flow mat GEORUNNER systems

Natural Appearance.

GEORUNNER mats placed over a TRM offer similar resistance as rip rap, but with a naturally vegetated appearance that supports unimpeded access by mowing / lawn maintenance equipment. Rip rap is prone to collection of garbage and debris and is difficult to maintain.

Performance Backed by Research.

Testing at Colorado State University verified the GEORUNNER (unvegetated) can withstand up to 30 fps when vegetated. a 2-3X improvement over TRM’s.

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Erosion Protection of Slopes and Shorelines

  • Delivers stability and long-term sustainability of embankment materials.
  • Confines and reinforces the upper soil layer to resist erosive conditions and sliding forces.
  • Saves costs by using confined infill, which allows steeper slopes to be designed and constructed.

GEOWEB Erosion Protection of Channels

  • Stabilizes and protects channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types.
  • Withstands velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec) when combining GEOWEB vegetated system with a TRM. See Colorado State University Research
  • Replaces costly and high-maintenance rip-rap with more attractive stabilized vegetation in drainage ditches, swales and stormwater channels. See Colorado State University Research
  • Reduces aggregate requirements, allowing smaller, less-expensive aggregate.
  • Provides hard, durable protection for higher velocities when infilled with concrete. See Colorado State University Research

GEOWEB Protection of Geomembranes

  • Stabilizes and minimizes the sliding potential of infill materials over impervious liners.
  • Prevents damage to and degradation of a liner.
  • Maintains strength and integrity even when subject to settlement.

GEORUNNER Mats Stop Scour

  • Protects grass from concentrated surface flow.
  • Easily placed and anchored locking mat system.
  • Allows dense stabilizing vegetation growth with open-hole design.
  • Light-weight and less-costly, GEORUNNER mats are preferred by contractors over concrete mat systems.