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High-Performance Pavement Design

Rutting, potholes, and pavement degradation can be dramatically reduced using the GEOWEB 3D system in the base layer under asphalt or concrete. Performing as a semi-rigid beam, the GEOWEB system spreads loads over soft subbase soils, significantly reducing deflection and settlement that cause pavement deterioration — and with 50% less cross-section. The positive effect on the pavement base layer results in up to 30% reduction in paving depth and an extended pavement life with lower maintenance requirements and costs

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GEOWEB Benefits for Roadbase Stabilization

  • Creates a stable base layer that reduces vertical pressures and lateral stresses on subgrade soils.
  • Creates a stiffened base layer, and the resulting increase in base strength can be used to reduce the pavement depth design up to 30%.
  • With a GEOWEB aggregate infilled system, load cycle counts can be increased 12-15 times.
  • Prevents damage to underground utilities through the system’s superior load distribution.

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