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Operations & Reclamation Soil Stabilization

GEOWEB® geocells offer a better “solution set” to soil stability challenges for accessing sites over soft ground, controlling and containing stormwater, protecting geomembranes for basins, tailings, and heap leach pads, and reclaiming slopes at the time of closure. Through 3D confinement and strengthening of infill, less material—even on-site waste rock—may be used. GEOWEB solutions offer increased speed of operation, lower maintenance, safer installation, and a lower total cost of ownership. Download Design & Construction eBinder >>

 Discover More Benefits

Site Access & Haul Road Stabilization

The GEOWEB system creates durable mine roads by strengthening and stabilizing on-site infill. The system offers economical solutions for mine haul roadsunderground roadways, and base improvement.

  • Substantially reduces rolling resistance, decreasing cycle times and fuel savings.
  • Reduces mechanical wear and tire damage for haul trucks.
  • Significantly reduces road maintenance.
  • Sections are easy to transport and can be quickly installed with mine site crews and without specialized equipment.
  • 3D structure reduce cross-section to handle heavy loads = material savings.

Slope Reclamation

The GEOWEB 3D structure offers deep surface protection on embankments and solves erosion control and slope-surface stability problems.  The system provides geomembrane protection, slope weatherproofing, stabilization of process and wastewater containment basins, pipeline protection and hazardous waste confinement.

  • Embankment infill confined in the GEOWEB 3D structure supports sustainable vegetation and allows slopes to be designed steeper.
  • Stable embankments create safer work areas in open pit mines and increases available mining area.
  • Provides protection to geomembranes (hard-armored or vegetation).
  • GEOWEB retaining walls can be designed for steep slopes erosion protection.

Channel Armoring

GEOWEB systems can be designed for open channels and offer vegetated, aggregate, or concrete hard-armor solutions.

  • Allows use of low-cost waste rock with the same protection offered by larger rip rap.
  • Eliminates costly rip rap in drainage ditches and stormwater swales by using a low-maintenance, vegetated GEOWEB/TRM system to resist velocities up to 30 fps (9 m/s).
  • Achieves outstanding stability and resistance to high flows with concrete infill.