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The 3D Geocell Soil Stabilization System

Cellular Confinement Systems (CCS), commonly referred to as geocells, were developed by Presto Geosystems in the late 1970’s. The CCS’s 3-dimensional geocellular honeycomb structure confines and stabilizes cohesionless soils, delivering strength and higher performance to soils than when unconfined. The CCS technology is based on the interaction between hoop stresses in the geocell cell walls and passive earth resistance of single or multi-layered geocell systems. Presto and their partners continue to lead research and development to advance cellular confinement technology for soil stability challenges in a wide range of site applications and markets. See History of Geocells.

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Cellular Confinement Technology Benefits

Geocell System
ATRA® Stake Clips, Anchors & Drivers
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Geocells system application

Original Geocell Inventors.

We are the original developers of geocells and Genuine GEOWEB, ultrasonic welding, perforations, texture, ATRA Keys, ATRA Anchors and ATRA Tendon Clips.

geocell HDPE material

Virgin HDPE Material.

Presto uses a unique blend of ONLY VIRGIN resin to assure consistent, reproducible, and long-lasting performance.

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Strongest Weld Strength.

GEOWEB material delivers welds that far outperform the competition with continually tested, traceable production for project assurance.

presto geosystems geocells

I-Slots for Fast Section Connection & Tendon Threading.

Another Presto original, the oval I-slot allows the use of the ATRA Tendon Clips to transfer loads to tendons and ATRA Keys for faster, stronger geocell connections.

geocell system with equipment

Flexible “Bend, Don’t Break” Material Characteristics.

GEOWEB material is made from elastic resin, and unlike stiffer and recycled blends, delivers higher hoop strengths and passive earth resistance.

geocell research graphic

Storied History of Accredited Research.

Since we stood on Virginia Beach with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the GEOWEB system has undergone over 100 studies over the span of 30+ years and in five continents.

Manufactured Under Exacting ISO and CE Standards.

GEOWEB geocells are only manufactured by the highest quality equipment and certified facilities with quality and traceability guaranteed.

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atra stake clips support anchor drivers

ATRA Stake Clip Designed for Anchors, GEOWEB Cell Wall Connection.

The anchor’s flanged arms make secure connections with the GEOWEB cell walls or tendons, unlike J-hooks that only make a loose connection.

atra stake clips for support

ATRA Stake Clips fit Standard Rebar/Rods.

ATRA Stake Clips are available to fit either #4 rebar, or 10-12 mm dia. rod.

atra stake clips anchor driver

ATRA Anchors Easier, Faster to Drive than J-Hooks.

The ATRA Anchor is driven more easily than the curved J-hooks, where the driving force is offset from the center of gravity. ATRA Stake Clips and rebar drive true and easily as energy from the hammer is aligned 100% with the target.

atra stake clip on geocell

Secure Connection with GEOWEB Cell Walls.

The ATRA Stake Clip arm slides securely over the GEOWEB cell wall and positions the rebar along the cell wall offering full length resistance for the height of the cell wall.


ATRA Driver is Efficient. Drives Anchors 10X Faster than with a Sledge Hammer.

A special ATRA GAD attaches to pneumatic drivers and fits securely over ATRA Anchors for fast and efficient driving of anchors. Reduces worker fatigue. Beneficial in hard soils or with high anchor density. Available in Hilti or SDS Max formats.