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Embankment Stabilization and Stormwater Control

Dam facing slopes, spillways and stormwater conveyance channels can be built economically with the GEOWEB system, and designed to meet specific site requirements with either a vegetated, aggregate armored, or a concrete solution. With the GEOWEB system, vegetated earthen dams can replace concrete structures, smaller rock infill can replace larger, expensive rip rap and concrete depth can be reduced up to 50% for hard-armor protection.

GEOWEB Dam Applications

  • Dam Facing Slope Protection
  • Earthen Embankments / Levees
  • Spillways
  • Stormwater Conveyance

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Benefits for Dam Applications

  • Confined in the GEOWEB system, smaller aggregate performs to under the same design shear stress and flow velocity conditions as unconfined rip-rap sized 2-10 times larger. This is a considerable economic and schedule benefit, particularly in areas where large rip-rap is not locally available.
  • The GEOWEB structure allows the concrete reinforcement to be designed up to 50% thinner than reinforced concrete. This is a construction advantage because traditionally reinforced-concrete sections are relatively thick and expensive to install.