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Stronger Pavements, Less Depth & Less Base

‘GEOWEB Geocell Reinforced Concrete (GRC)‘ pavements exhibit the flexibility of articulating permeable pavers with the strength of hard-armored concrete slabs—but with less cross section. This reduction results in a 15-25% cost savings. The integral 3D GEOWEB confinement structure offers additional benefits—eliminates the need for formwork and reinforcement, assures uniform concrete depth, controls pavement cracking, and helps manage surface water runoff.

Download GEOWEB GRC Brochure |  Pavimentos En Concreto Reforzado En GEOWEB (CRG)

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Benefits Compared to Traditional Concrete

Compared to traditional concrete pavements, GEOWEB Geocell Reinforced Concrete (GRC) pavement delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduces overall cross section 15-25%—even more where concrete costs are high and resources are limited
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure & manages surface water
  • Eliminates formwork and need for further reinforcement
  • Controls cracking with no need for expansion joints
  • Assures exact concrete depth
  • Easier installation with shorter construction time

Benefits Compared to Pavers

Compared to traditional pavers, GEOWEB Geocell Reinforced Concrete (GRC) pavement delivers the following benefits:

  • No shifting or settling. Concrete confined in the GEOWEB GRC pavement structure resists displacement. Pavers require a sand layer for fine grading and paver setting—and shift over time.
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure, manages surface water. In storm events sheet flow and runoff can be mitigated as GEOWEB GRC pavements allow standing water to seep in. When open-graded base course (OGBC) is used below the system, it stores water for natural percolation. The sand base required for pavers does not infiltrate water as quickly—nor can it store the volume of stormwater as does high void ratio OGBC.

How GEOWEB GRC Pavements Work

The GEOWEB 3D structure acts as the formwork for concrete reinforced with strengthening fibers. The increased concrete strength and confinement properties of the GEOWEB system requires less concrete depth to support a given applied load.

GEOWEB GRC pavements behave like an articulated paver system with its flexibility—while offering the support of a concrete slab so the client gets the best of both solutions!

GEOWEB GRC pavements deliver the heavy-duty load support of a thick traditional concrete slab—without the need for rebar or formwork. Small shrinkage gaps between the GEOWEB cell walls and the cured concrete allow the system to flex, essentially creating controlled joints at the cell wall perimeter.