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Porous Paving Solutions Meet Aesthetic & Stormwater Needs

Design attractive grass and aggregate porous pavements for traffic loading and reduce stormwater runoff on sites. Our line of quality porous paver systems offer design options for a wide range of permeable vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas—from firelanes, utility lanes, parking areas and trails.  GEOBLOCK®, GEOPAVE® and GEOWEB® porous paving systems are designed to suit any aesthetic landscape plan, stormwater requirement and budget.

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Our design assistant tool helps determine best pavement options for site conditions and expected use.  Choose product and input values for loading requirements, infill type, and subgrade type & strength.  The tool returns recommended fill/base materials and base depth (includes a full cross section), and values for runoff coefficient and water volume storage (with aggregate infill).  Click here to Download

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