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Porous Paving Solutions Meet Aesthetic & Stormwater Needs

Design attractive grass and aggregate porous pavements for traffic loading and reduce stormwater runoff on sites. Our line of quality porous paver systems offer design options for a wide range of permeable vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas—from firelanes, utility lanes, parking areas and trails. GEOBLOCK®, GEOPAVE® and GEOWEB® porous paving systems are designed to suit any aesthetic landscape plan, stormwater requirement, and budget.

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Planning your next porous pavement project using the design assistant tools in Presto Geo P3.

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MYTH BUSTERS: Learn the Truth about Porous Pavement Misconceptions

Well-designed porous pavements can out-perform traditional hard-surface pavements such as asphalt and concrete. There are some misconceptions about their cost and performance. Get the facts in the following white papers.

Clogging: Well-designed porous pavement systems resist clogging.

Cost: Overall costs to construct & maintain porous pavements are lower.

Snow Removal: Snow removal on a porous pavement system is easy.

Winter Durability: Properly designed porous pavement systems do not get damaged by the dynamics of freeze thaw cycles.

Winter Maintenance: Properly designed porous pavement systems are not difficult to maintain in winter weather conditions.