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GEOTERRA: The SAFEST Construction Mat in the Industry

Create access across soft ground with speed, agility, and safety with strong, light-weight GEOTERRA® Construction Mats. Build access roads, work platforms and tracking pads even over poor soils, wet ground and difficult-to-access sites.  Protect lawn from damaging construction traffic.  With a high crush and flexural strength, GEOTERRA ground protection mats deliver support for construction traffic and heavy equipment loads without the expense of heavier HDPE or timber mats!

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Performance: GEOTERRA Mats Proven Equivalent to 12 inches of Aggregate.  See U Kansas Summary



GEOTERRA® Construction Mats Benefits

GEOTERRA® Construction Mats Compared to Composite or Timber Mats
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More Economical.

GEOTERRA mats are up to 70% more economical than alternative mats and are often the right mat for the job.

GEOTERRA Portable Construction Mats

Easier to Transport & Handle.

GEOTERRA units are substantially lighter than timber or heavy composite mats and do not require special handling equipment such as cranes or other overhead machinery.

GEOTERRA construction mat installation

Faster, Safer to Install.

GEOTERRA mats are fast to install onsite, or can be preassembled offsite for easy on-site placement. They are safer than mats that require heavy overhead handling equipment.

GEOTERRA construction mats

Design Flexibility, Laydown Versatility.

GEOTERRA mats are compatible with other filter or drainage products. Their size allows custom shaping the overall mat to meet site requirements, reducing costs.

contruction mats with GEOTERRA systems

Equivalent to 12 inches Aggregate.

Research at Kansas University verified GEOTERRA mats performed equivalent to 12 inches (300 mm) of crushed aggregate–and. they reduce rutting, and offer easier clean-up, easier turf restoration and lower installation.

construction mats for heavy equipment

Weather Resistant.

GEOTERRA mats are made from HDPE and are highly weather resistant. Mats can be reused for additional savings as they will not rot or weather.

Porous Surface Allows Water Infiltration & Exfiltration.

The mat’s open surface allows water to pass through the mat, minimizing accumulation of water and resulting saturated soils as well as harmful pore pressure build up. The open surface also allows inclusion of underlying drainage layers to capture and manage rainwater.

Low Environmental Impact.

GEOTERRA mats are made from recycled material, conserving natural resources compared to timber and composite mats that require destruction of hundreds of acres of forest and higher resin use.

Discover More Benefits

Benefits of GEOTERRA Construction Mats

  • GEOTERRA® mats offer contractors a safer way to access sites without heavy equipment.
  • One pallet covers 200 sf, equivalent to an 8 ft. wide x 25 ft. long access road.
  • Strong mats made from weather-resistant recycled polyethylene.
  • Mat sections are “locked” together with Padloc® connection devices. Great for transporting preassembled mats into sites.

GEOTERRA Mats Compared to Heavy HDPE and Timber Mats

  • Are light-weight, easy to transport and don’t require heavy handling equipment, so they are safer for workers to deploy and install.
  • Are far more economical (40-70%) than heavier HDPE or timber mats.
  • With a high flexural strength, they perform well in soft soils.
  • Offer low-life-cycle cost; may be disassembled, removed and reused.