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The Most Efficient Geocell Connection Device

The most productive way to connect GEOWEB sections, and assure the longest performance is with ATRA® Keys. The ATRA Keys provide a more secure and permanent load-transfer connection—and the polymeric material won’t corrode, even when exposed to corrosive environments. ATRA Keys are easy to install with just one worker, and assure a positive connection with one easy turn.

ATRA® Key Benefits

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Durable Polymer Won’t Degrade.

The ATRA key’s inert polymer material will not degrade or corrode so the connection strength and performance remains the same for the life of the installation.

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Fast to Install.

GEOWEB sections are quick to connect with a simple turn of the ATRA key.

Connection Certainty.

ATRA keys inserted through defined cell wall i-slots ensure the required connection is made.

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Labor Savings. One Worker.

Only one worker is required per connection point with ATRA keys.

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No Compressors or Equipment Required.

ATRA keys do not require any additional equipment.

Hassle-Free Connection.

GEOWEB sections are made with ‘i-slots’ for easy installation of ATRA keys in any soil or weather conditions.

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