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Naturally Vegetated, Green Retaining Wall Systems

Design vegetated reinforced and gravity walls that retain structural integrity even in poor base conditions with GEOWEB® Retaining Walls. The GEOWEB system’s open-celled terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation and allow storm water infiltration. GEOWEB walls conform well to landscape contours, are resistant to environmental degradation, and install 25-30% faster than MSE block walls.

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GEOWEB® Retaining Walls Benefits

GEOWEB® 3D Vegetated Walls vs. MSE Walls
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Geocell retaining wall with vegetation

Natural Green Aesthetics.

The stacked, open-celled fascia allows GEOWEB walls to be planted with indigenous vegetation or specified plantings for aesthetic appeal. Aggregate or concrete-fill can also be used for hard-armor protection.

grass vegetated wall of GEOWEB

Infiltrates Stormwater.

GEOWEB walls are highly permeable and act as a multitude of planting pots, allowing rain water to infiltrate, minimizing runoff. May contribute to green building credits.

GEOWEB vegetated walls

Performs Well in Soft Soil Environments & Seismic Zones.

GEOWEB walls are flexible, allowing them to perform in soft soil environments, and tolerate differential settlement far better than rigid MSE walls.

GEOWEB Geocell retaining wall

Gravity Walls Need No Reinforcement.

GEOWEB walls may be designed as gravity walls, without reinforcement layers, where space constraints prevent the use of the reinforcement layer.

GEOWEB vs MSE walls graphic

Deep Integrated Section.

GEOWEB wall sections form the wall fascia with a minimum of 3-cells deep, creating a deep integrated section resistant to movement.

Installs 25-30% Faster, Less Work Injuries.

GEOWEB wall sections are light and easy to install in place. MSE wall units are heavy and cumbersome to place, contributing to worker stress and potential injury.

geocells cellular confinement system installation

Forms Around Obstructions.

The redundancy of the interconnected GEOWEB cells allow sections to be cut to fit around pipes, guard rails, and other obstructions without compromising structural integrity. GEOWEB walls also conform well to landscape contours.

Resistance to Environmental Degradation.

The GEOWEB HDPE material resists cracking, spalling, and corrosion that degrades/deteriorates concrete, steel and timber-based systems, and has superior resistance to chemicals and freeze-thaw.

Discover More Benefits

Benefits of 3D GEOWEB for Retaining Walls

  • Natural green aesthetics.
  • Invisible once vegetated.
  • Flexible, conforms to landscape.
  • Diverse design flexibility.
  • Made from non-corrosive material.
  • Keeps strength, accommodates settlement.
  • Use local fill, not large rocks / rip rap.
  • No heavy equipment required.