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Sustainable Solutions to Solar Farm Challenges

The solar industry faces a variety of challenges when it comes to the development and operation of solar farms. When designing and constructing solar farm sites, erosion control and stormwater management must be considered to ensure long-term project success. Sites are often located in remote locations with difficult terrain, requiring a sustainable soil stabilization solution to enable vehicle access. Presto Geosystems offers cost-effective and long-term solutions to these site challenges.

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Solar Energy Applications

  • Site Access Roads
  • Low Environmental Impact Roads
  • Erosion Control
  • Slope Protection

GEOWEB Slope Protection

GEOWEB Slope Protection

GEOWEB Site Access Road

GEOWEB Site Access Road

GEOWEB Erosion Control

GEOWEB Erosion Control

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Solar Access Roads Benefits

The GEOWEB® system is the cost-effective and versatile way to construct site access roads ONE TIME for foundation construction, solar panel component delivery, and maintenance access. The GEOWEB access road system’s inherent strength through confinement of infill virtually eliminates the need to maintain and reconstruct these roads subjected to heavy construction traffic.

GEOWEB roadways are beneficial for crossing low-lying wet areas with soft subgrade soils.

  • Reduces the amount of unsuitable soil over-excavation.
  • Reduces the required road section thickness by as much as 50% or more.
  • Drastically reduces the need for gravel on a project because the GEOWEB system imparts increased strength to non-cohesive soils such as sand and gravel.  Sites with abundant sand and limited gravel resources can construct strong access roads using the available sand!

GEOWEB Solar Farm Slope Protection

The GEOWEB® Slope Protection System is an effective and economical solution to challenging slope-surface stability problems at solar farm sites. The GEOWEB® system meets a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements with select infill.

  • The 3D cellular confinement structure confines selected infill material, minimizing the movement and migration of embankment materials by functioning as anchored containers in the upper soil layer.
  • The system delivers excellent resistance to sheet flow—preventing severe erosion and controlling rill and gully formation, especially in areas of concentrated flow and over erosive soils.
  • Stabilization of the slope surface materials allows embankments to be constructed steeper, with less horizontal footprint and use of land space.