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Safest Portable Construction Mats in the Industry

Create access roads faster and safer, without heavy placement equipment with Presto’s GEOTERRA® and GEOTERRA® GTO Construction Mats.  Strong, light-weight designs make the mats easy to deploy and install to any site configuration.  Plus a 40-70% cost savings compared to heavier HDPE or timber mats gets contractors in and out of sites more economically.  Soft ground and difficult-to-access sites are no problem with GEOTERRA mats.  For temporary access over grass, GEOTERRA and GEORUNNER® Mats minimize turf damage and remediation.  Download our interactive Construction Mat Design Assistant Tool.

Access Roads  |  Staging Areas  |  Equipment Storage  |  Reduce Mud Tracking  |  Turf Protection

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Benefits of GEOTERRA and GEOTERRA GTO Mats

  • Easy to transport, fast to deploy, safer, and more economical than other mud mats.
  • Reduce mud tracking from construction sites.
  • Create reinforced surfaces for construction and utility access lanes, oil-drilling platforms, wind-farm roadways and helipads.
  • Flexibility allows installation in any configuration to meet site requirements, giving short or long-term options.
  • GEOTERRA Mats may be preassembled into larger mats off-site for easier placement.
  • Protects lawns during temporary access.
  • Create access roads and work platforms over sand.

See GEOTERRA Mats in Action for Haul Roads

Benefits of GEORUNNER Turf Protection Mats

  • Ideal for small landscape vehicle access over grass during landscape projects.
  • GEORUNNER’s small-grid openings allow ADA-accessibility for barrier-free access over sand, sandy soils or turf areas.
  • The open cell design allows for dense grass growth for longer-term applications.
  • Preferred over plywood for reducing mud tracking from sites.  Will not absorb water, will not dry rot, and are easily cleaned for reuse.