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Highest-Strength, Most Secure Geocell Load Transfer Device

ATRA® Tendon Clips are the industry’s strongest and “fastest to install” load transfer device for use with tendon anchorage. 2X the pull-through strength of any other load transfer device reduces the number required per section by half, saving on time and cost of installation. ATRA Tendon Clips ‘lock’ with the GEOWEB cell wall for the most secure connection, and a looped tie off assures that tendons stay bound to the device. The “locked with the cell” design also allows for easy preassembling off-slope, a huge time saver, especially on steeper slopes that are difficult to access.

ATRA® Tendon Clip Benefits

The ATRA® Tendon Clip
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Turn-and-Lock Design.

Designed with a turn-and-lock technology, the ATRA Tendon Clip’s locking member inserts easily through the GEOWEB cell wall i-slot, and with a simple turn is tightly engaged with the cell wall.

ATRA anchor systems for geocells

Secure Load Transfer Connection with the Tendons.

The ATRA Tendon Clip design allows tendons to be looped through the hole and secured around the post, creating a secure connection at each load transfer point that remains tightly connected with the cell wall.

Unique Inline Twist and Loop Tie-Off

Looped tie off assures the device is bound to the tendon, in the correct location, and is fast and easy to secure.

Strongest Load Transfer Device.

ATRA Tendon Clips are the strongest load transfer device with over 2X the pull-through strength of any other device.  This reduces the number required load transfer clips per section by 50%, saving construction time and cost.

Fast and Easy Connection.

With the quick turn-and-lock design, and easy looping and tightening of tendons at each load transfer point, the ATRA Tendon Clips are fast to install, even on slopes.

atra anchor system installation

Allows Efficient Preassembly Off-Slope.

The locked connection with the GEOWEB cell wall allows preassembling on the top of a slope before expanding the sections – a huge time saver, especially on steeper slopes that are difficult to access.

Discover All ATRA Accessories

GEOWEB® ATRA® Accessories Built for Strength, Speed

  • ATRA Keys are fast GEOWEB connection devices that are three-times stronger and three-times faster than stapling. The key’s turn and ‘lock’ design assures a secure and long-term connection.
  • ATRA Stake Clips are high-strength polymer end caps for creating GEOWEB anchors. Available for #4 and 10-12 mm rebar for contractors everywhere (US and Metric).
  • ATRA Anchors are created by attaching ATRA Stake Clips to rebar or straight rods, forming anchors that are easier and faster to drive than curved J-hooks.
  • ATRA Drivers are efficient anchor driving tools – workers can drive anchors 10X faster than with a sledge hammer. Reduces worker fatigue and extremely beneficial in hard soils or projects with high anchor density. Available in Hilti® or SDS® Max formats.
  • ATRA Tendon Clips are high-strength load transfer devices for use with tendons. Designed with twice the pull-through strength of any other load transfer devices. ATRA Tendon Clips ‘lock’ with the GEOWEB cell wall for the most secure connection. Tendons secured with the locked components allow preassembly off-slope for easier installation.

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