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Create All-Terrain Coverage for ATV Trails

Build off-road trails for ATVs and small recreational vehicles over soft ground and wetlands with GEOTERRA® trail-hardening mats. Repair degraded trails, eliminate trail-braided areas, and cross low, wet areas and shallow water fords. GEOTERRA® mats offer low environmental access through sensitive areas and wetlands while preserving the integrity of the natural land. The open-grid mats bridge light vehicle loading over soft areas while allowing water and sunlight to permeate promoting revegetation. Built for fast trail construction and repair, rigid HDPE GEOTERRA® mats are suited for the toughest conditions – they are easy to deploy and install, economical, weather-resistant and non-degradable.  See Alaska Trail-Hardening Project >>

Trail and Greenways Applications

  • Aggregate Trail Surface Stabilization
  • ‘Under Pavement’ Base Stabilization
  • ATV Trail-Hardening
  • Vegetated Retaining Walls
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Drainage Ditches / Culvert Crossings