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Your Engineering & Construction Support Team

The Presto Geosystems engineering and construction support team offers 40 years experience solving soil stabilization and stormwater challenges with innovative ideas, creative solutions and best-in-class products. Rely on our knowledgeable staff and worldwide network of qualified distributors and representatives to support your project needs.

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Meet Your Presto Geosystems Management Team

Our experience and technical skills will help you determine the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to your engineering and construction challenges.

Jose Pablo George, M.S., Business Manager
Bryan Wedin, P.E., Chief Civil Engineer
Samantha Justice, P.E., Civil Engineer
Cory Schneider, M.S., Business Development Manager/Environmental Scientist
Lauren Armstrong, Business Development Specialist
Katie Bouchard, Marketing Manager
Ashley Beyer, Content & Marketing Specialist
Jennifer Vander Linden, Inventory Analyst