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Solutions that Meet the Most Demanding Soil and Water Problems

Presto Geosystems offers a wide array of ‘Webcast Learning’ courses for the civil, industrial, stormwater and construction industries.

Each 20-min webcast will educate you on innovative, eco-friendly, and economical ways to solve challenging soil stability and stormwater problems. Webcasts are being scheduled often, so check back regularly to see future topics/dates. Opt-in to receive email notifications.

View scheduled and past webcasts below.

Our Webcast Courses

Future Presentations

  • Hard Armor Channels (April 25, 2018) | Register Here
  • Intermodal Yards (May 3, 2018) | Register Here
  • Gravel Porous Pavements (May 22, 2018) | Register Here
  • Vegetated Stormwater Channels (June)
  • Geomembrane Protection (August)
  • Unpaved Roads & Pavements (September)
  • Solar / Wind / Transmission Roads (October)
  • Vegetated Retaining Walls (November)

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Past Presentations

Protect Slopes Against the Forces of Nature with GEOWEB 3D Soil Confinement System

Rail Ballast Stabilization with the GEOWEB 3D Soil Confinement System