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The World’s Most Complete Geocell System

The Presto GEOWEB® system is the original 3D geocell developed by Presto Geosystems over 35 years ago. Using proven confinement technology, the GEOWEB system offers economical, effective geosynthetic design options to solve soil stabilization problems wherever land and water meet. We offer the industry’s most complete geocell system, designed with ATRA® accessories that increase strength, assure long-term performance and speed installation.

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GEOWEB Soil Stabilization Basics

  • Load Support: Highly-effective solution for stabilizing roadbases, unpaved roads, surface stabilization, permeable parking and industrial yards.
  • Slope Protection: 3D structure stabilizes the upper soil layer of embankments and provides long-term sustainability of vegetation, stabilization of aggregate or hard-armor protection with concrete.
  • Channel Protection: Single or Multi-layered GEOWEB systems protect channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types – low to high and intermittent to continuous flows.
  • Vegetated Retaining Walls: Multi-layered retaining walls meet all design requirements and desired aesthetics through a terraced vegetated face. GEOWEB walls perform well even in poor base conditions.
  • Erosion Control: 3D GEOWEB confinement reinforces upper soil layer and increases resistance to erosive conditions.
  • Shoreline Protection: Single or Multi-layered systems offer a stable environment and long-term sustainability of embankment material exposed to water contact.