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Prevent Soil Erosion on Railroad Slopes & Channels

Embankments adjacent to track are prone to erosion and can cause costly downtime for repair. The GEOWEB 3D system stabilizes and protects surface layer soils from severe erosion, slides, and washouts with either vegetated, permeable aggregate or hard-armored concrete solutions. The 3D GEOWEB slope systems offer deep protection not provided by 2D planar ‘cover only’ systems. For control of stormwater and erosion prevention, GEOWEB channels replace costly, higher maintenance rip-rap to meet site drainage requirements.

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GEOWEB Benefits for Embankments & Channel Protection

In right-of-way containing embankments, drainage channels and earthen berms, the GEOWEB system protects and stabilizes soils from erosion challenges, slides and washouts.

  • By stabilizing the upper soil layer, the GEOWEB system minimizes the impacts to slopes due to soil saturation and the resulting sloughing and movement.
  • Variable infill options include soil/vegetation, permeable aggregate, and concrete for hard-armor protection.