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Quick Repair of Track Subgrade & Railroad Right-of-Way

GEOWEB® Geocells — Quick Fix, Long Term Protection

Be prepared to repair washouts and track issues quickly and economically with one solution. The GEOWEB® 3D Soil Stabilization System is a proven 40-year solution, delivering emergency repair for track and railroad right-of-way embankments, bridges and channels.

Stock readily available allows for fast deployment by local railroad crews. Contact us for more information about our GEOWEB Emergency Repair Kit Stocking Program.

  • Wash Out Repair & Armoring:
    Right-of-Way Embankments | Earthen Berms | Bridge Protection | Drainage Channels
  • Variable Infill Options:
    Soil/Vegetation | Aggregate | Concrete

Economical Solution:

  • Less Down Time: GEOWEB material is quickly installed to repair any size emergency and minimize track disruptions.
  • Installation Benefit: Railroads can install the GEOWEB material with their own crews.
  • Reduce Rock Size: Rock confined in the GEOWEB structure replaces expensive rip-rap, reducing aggregate size up to 10 times.

Fast Deployment:

Strong, yet light-weight GEOWEB sections are easy to transport and quick to deploy, even in difficult site access areas. Most repairs do not require large construction equipment.

The GEOWEB structure with select infill stabilizes track ballast, and right-of-way embankments, earthen berms, drainage channels and earth retention structures.


Construction & Repair Versatility

The GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System has been successfully employed for railroad construction and repair for over 40 years.

  • GEOWEB sections are packaged in collapsed, easy-to-handle sections and are expanded into place on site.
  • Each GEOWEB section is 8.5 ft. wide x 27 ft. long and covers 230 sq ft.
  • Ideal for constructing and repairing track ballast, access roads, embankments, earthen berms, bridges, channels and right-of-way areas.
  • Low cost, locally available infill may be used instead of more costly imported infill.


  • 1 Pallet = 2,700 sq ft
  • 1 Truckload = 120,000 sq ft

ATRA® Key Connection Device:

  • Connects the GEOWEB sections quickly, easily and safely. Learn more >>

Track Ballast Support for New Track or Repair:

The GEOWEB System stabilizes the ballast material, reducing differential settlement and aggregate thickness by 50% or more.









Right-of-Way Repair Examples

Washout Repair: Right-of-way draining channel repair. GEOWEB sections are installed quickly in tiers, and may utilize local infill. Vegetated fascia is attractive and eco-friendly.





Eroded Shoreline Repair: Track derailment repair. GEOWEB System created a stable platform and tiered retaining wall to stabilize the right-of-way embankment.








Slide Repair: Track right-of-way repair. The GEOWEB system stabilizes embankments prone to slides from saturated or unstable soils. Aggregate infill allows drainage and minimizes maintenance.







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