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Building Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Using Geosynthetics

When extreme weather events occur, communities are often left to grapple with the devastating effects. An increase in extreme weather patterns, coupled with aging or inadequate infrastructure, amplifies the often dangerous and costly damage that ensues—especially for vulnerable communities living in low-lying areas. According to a recent study, the United States could see a 26.4% increase in flood risk by 2050, which could cause significant damage to existing infrastructure. For this reason, it is vital to build resilience into infrastructure projects to mitigate climate risk and ensure the long-term reliability of critical infrastructure. Incorporating geosynthetics into infrastructure can improve the ability of communities to withstand and recover from extreme weather events. For example, in hurricane-prone parts of the country, designing robust access roads along power transmission lines allows repair crews to safely and quickly restore power to communities that might otherwise be without electricity for days or even weeks. Geosynthetic products, such as geocells, can be used to construct reliable access roads along transmission infrastructure, which often traverse very remote areas with difficult terrain and very soft ground conditions. Through an interconnected honeycomb-like network, geocells confine and stabilize soils that would otherwise be unstable under loading. When used in load support, slope stabilization,… Read more »

Meet the Presto Geosystems Team: Get to Know Bryan

How long have you been with Presto Geosystems? Time flies when you are having fun! I have been with Presto Geosystems going on 14 years. In that time, I got to work with some really great people and enjoyed speaking with Gary Bach on how geocells were invented back in the late 70s and early 80s. Can you tell us a bit about your background? I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and enjoyed doing all things outdoors. My father was an Olympic ski jumper, so I had no choice but to strap on a pair of skis and follow in his footsteps. I became pretty good and was in three junior Olympics before a bad fall ended that part of my life. I grew up before video games, so we were always outside playing football, baseball or just riding bikes. After a year at Michigan State University, I attended college at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, MI and graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering. After graduation, I moved to Green Bay, WI, and worked for Foth & Van Dyke and then Robert E. Lee engineering consulting firms before joining Presto Geosystems. What attracted you to the… Read more »