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Ballast Stabilization Using Geocells

The Often Overlooked Importance of Junction Efficiency as a Key Design Consideration A significant number of research studies have been carried out to investigate the benefits of using geocells in railway track bed applications. Combined with an ever-expanding list of successful projects from around the world, the benefits of using geocells in rail ballast stabilization is well-documented. Rail operators understand that durable track geometry starts with a solid foundation, and geocells have emerged as a powerful value engineering tool for reinforcing ballast and sub-ballast layers while optimizing layer thicknesses. Many practitioners may not be aware of the critical role that geocell junctions (both mechanical and internal) play in ensuring that the installed system performs in a uniform and consistent manner. In track bed stabilization applications, non-uniform junction performance can lead to differential settlement and localized subsidence—which in turn can lead to serviceability issues, damage to the overlying structure/pavement, and a reduction in overall design life. In essence, poor junction performance can nullify all the intended benefits of a geocell system. This article will succinctly discuss the different types of junctions present in geocell systems, failure mechanisms and test methods, and the concept of junction efficiency as a performance parameter. Types… Read more »

Introducing Presto Geo P3: Expanding the Universe of Value Engineering Solutions Available to the AEC Industry

Project planning and design is a complex task, often demanding a strategic blend of professional judgement, cost considerations, risk, and sustainability. In response to these challenges, Presto Geosystems developed the Presto Geo P3 Project Planning Portal, a free, web-based suite of geotechnical calculation tools. Designed with engineers, contractors, landscape architects, and project owners in mind, Presto Geo P3 streamlines your project planning process, allowing you to quickly perform calculations to evaluate a wide range of possible technical solutions for your project. Presto Geo P<sup>3</sup> Unique Features & Benefits With its pioneering support for geocells—a first in the industry—and integration of calculations for aggregate and vegetated porous pavements and site access, the Presto Geo P3 portal sets a new standard in value engineering evaluations. Key offerings of the Presto Geo P<sup>3</sup> include: Geotechnical Calculations: Soil Stabilization: Unpaved, Flexible Pavements, and Rigid Pavements Porous Pavements: Vegetated and Aggregate Surfaces (Rigid and Flexible) Site Access: Access Roads Personalized Dashboard: Users can efficiently organize their projects and associated calculations for easy access and review. Customizable Output: Detailed calculation output with customizable fields for your project/firm/client name, a summary of input parameters and calculation results, and a cross-sectional graphics illustrating user-selected layer thicknesses and material…