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Design Economical Solutions for Long-Term Pavement Stability

Heavy vehicle loads at intermodal, port and bulk transfer yards can cause ruts, potholes, degradation, and ultimately pavement failure. For unpaved surfaces, the GEOWEB system solves surface stability problems with less aggregate and less maintenance—allowing sand or on-site, lower quality aggregate. The 3D system can also reduce the base depth up to 50% for paved surfaces, while delivering a stable base that resists settlement. Whether for permeable unpaved surfaces or for base stabilization under hard pavements, the GEOWEB 3D system provides benefits not delivered by 2D geogrid systems.

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GEOWEB Benefits for Intermodal Yard Stabilization

Heavy traffic at intermodal, port, and bulk transfer yards can create rutting, potholes, pavement degradation, and ultimately pavement failure. The GEOWEB system solves those surface and base stabilization problems. The GEOWEB structure also can reduce the depth of pavement required for paved surfaces (by up to 30%). See GEOWEB Pavement Reduction Overview

The GEOWEB system:

  • creates a stable surface—diffuses vertical pressures and lateral stresses.
  • allows the subgrade material to withstand more than 12-15 times the number of load cycles with less deflection and less long-term settlement.
  • reduces the structural infill depth by 50% or more.
  • may allow use of on-site sand or lower quality aggregate.
  • lowers maintenance requirements and costs.

GEOWEB 3D Benefits Compared to 2D Geogrids

GEOWEB 3D Benefits:

  • Reduces ballast depth 2-3 times.
  • One-step direct deployment over soft soils.
  • Limits differential and long-term settlement through hoop strength and active/passive resistance.
  • Ideal for difficult or limited access.
  • Fast deployment = limited down-time.

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