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A Better Built Infrastructure for Airports

Design airport runways, taxiways, and shoulders that handle constant, heavy loading from aircraft and maintenance vehicles. With acres of pavements to maintain, a stable base is critical to pavement performance. The GEOWEB system stabilizes the pavement base layer, significantly reducing deterioration of overlying asphalt and concrete pavements. The GEOWEB 3D system is also effective for unpaved access ways, permeable shoulders, and deicing drainage layers as well as erosion control of stormwater drainage ways, embankments and containment facilities. A better built infrastructure results in higher performance and less maintenance.

GEOWEB Applications for Airports

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Solutions for Soil-Strengthening and Erosion Control

  • Is a three-dimensional system that offers strength improvements to base far superior that offered by geogrids.
  • Reduces deterioration of overlying pavements caused by differential settlement.
  • Effectively overcomes challenging soft-soil conditions by creating a semi-rigid slab layer.
  • Is quick to deploy, occupies a small footprint in delivery and storage and is easy to handle.