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Geocells Offer Versatility for Stormwater Control

Design GEOWEB channels with varying infill options that eliminates the need for costly rip-rap, gabions and articulated concrete blocks (ACBs). Prevent erosion on channel slopes exposed to intermittent or continuous flow conditions with single-layered or tiered GEOWEB® Channels. With an overlying TRM, GEOWEB vegetated channels can withstand flows up to 30 ft/sec (9m/sec)! Learn How >>

Vegetated Channels  |  Permeable Channels  |  Hard-Armor Concrete Channels  |  Geomembrane Protection

GEOWEB® Channel Protection Benefits

GEOWEB® 3D Concrete Channels vs. Poured-in-Place and ACBs
GEOWEB® 3D Vegetated Channels vs. Rip-Rap or Gabions
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GEOWEB geocells for concrete infill

Eliminates Forms and Reinforcement.

The GEOWEB system acts as a support skeleton and needs no other forms for concrete infill.

GEOWEB concrete channel protection illustration

No Joints, Controlled Cracking.

Small shrinkage gaps between the GEOWEB cell wall and the cured concrete allow the system to flex, providing “controlled joints” at the cell wall perimeter. Typical large cracks with conventional concrete slabs are eliminated.

Cellular Confinement System with concrete

Reduces Concrete, Assures Consistent Depth.

The GEOWEB structure reduces concrete depth by creating a secure, uniform mattress supported by the interconnected cells. Eliminate wasted concrete, or short pours as the GEOWEB wall height assures defined concrete depth.

GEOWEB geocell system

Perforations Create Cross-Linking.

Interlocking cells are formed as concrete “reaches” through the cell wall as the pour flows into place.

GEOWEB channel system concrete infill

Allows Higher Slump Concrete.

The GEOWEB cellular structure offers redundant “container” support for the concrete, allowing less expensive mixes and easier to pour higher slump concrete.

Light-Weight GEOWEB Requires No Lifting Equipment.

Compared to ACB’s, the GEOWEB poured-in-place solution does not require special lifting equipment, saving on cost and time of installation.

Safer Worksite vs. ACBs.

No heavy Articulated Concrete Blocks (ACBs) system to place means less chance for injury and a safer worksite.

GEOWEB 3D Concrete Channels

Withstands High Flows.

Backed by third party research, the GEOWEB system can be designed to withstand up to 30 fps (9 mps).

channel protection with geomembrane

Protects Geomembranes.

The use of tendons and ATRA® tendon clips support a GEOWEB solution over impermeable liners without puncturing the liner with stakes.

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vegetated Channel erosion protection

Natural Green Aesthetics.

As a single layer on a slope with a TRM, or in stacked configuration, GEOWEB vegetated channels are green solutions compared to rip-rap or wire rock fascia gabions.

vegetated GEOWEB cells

Invisible Once Vegetated.

The GEOWEB system is essentially invisible once vegetation is established. The open-celled system allows stormwater infiltration.

Channel erosion protection with vegetation

Flexible, Conforms to Landscape

GEOWEB sections are flexible and conform well to hillsides and stream curves.

vegetated Channel erosion protection example

Diverse Design Flexibility.

GEOWEB channels can be designed with a variety of infills to meet site conditions, including topsoil, aggregate or concrete. Gabion walls are infilled with large stones, and have limited design flexibility.

vegetated Channel erosion protection from GEOWEB

Made from Non-Corrosive Material.

HDPE GEOWEB material does not corrode and is stable and inert, maintaining its strength for over 100 years. Gabions are prone to corrosion, even if galvanized.

Keeps Strength, Accommodates Settlement.

GEOWEB channels are flexible systems that maintain their strength even when confronted with differential settlement. Poured concrete, gabions, and other semi-rigid systems may fail over time due to settlement.

channel protection GEOWEB geocells infill

Use Local Fill, Not Large Rocks / Rip-Rap.

Compared to rip-rap and Gabions, GEOWEB tiered channels may use locally available or on-site fill, saving on cost to transport larger rock and reducing impact to the neighborhood and the environment.

No Heavy Equipment Required.

Light-weight GEOWEB sections are easy to transport, deploy and install. Gabions, rip rap, and poured concrete require large equipment.

GEOWEB Channel Options

GEOWEB Vegetated Protection

  • Replaces costly, higher-maintenance rip rap with lower maintenance, less expensive stabilized vegetation.
  • Effective in low flow channels and when low-to-high intermittent flows occur. With an overlying TRM, can withstand velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec). CSU Research Results
  • Are ideal for drainage ditches, swales and stormwater channels.

GEOWEB Aggregate Protection

  • GEOWEB confined aggregate is more stable than unconfined aggregate.
  • Smaller, less expensive infill can be used in low-to-moderate flow conditions.
  • CSU Research Results: GEOWEB filled with aggregate is more stable than unconfined rip rap with research showing at least a 50% reduction in size. Due to this reduction, GEOWEB channels offer significant savings in rock, installation and transportation costs.

GEOWEB Concrete Hard-Armor Protection

  • For channels exposed to severe hydraulic stresses, the GEOWEB system’s formwork allows concrete to be poured on-site and is an easy to install, flexible and less costly hard-armored solution than pre-formed or cast-in-place concrete systems.
  • GEOWEB filled with concrete provides a flexible armored system capable of withstanding velocities over 35 fps and shear stresses of 21 psf. CSU Research Results
  • Installs faster and is more economical than reinforced concrete and articulated concrete block channels.
  • Conforms to sub grade deformation and resists cracking and displacement that can occur with reinforced concrete designs.

GEOWEB Multi-Layered Protection

  • Tiered, vegetated GEOWEB channels create natural living retaining walls that withstand high flows for short durations.
  • The system’s overall light weight allows it to tolerate reasonable differential settlement in soft soils while maintaining structural integrity.
  • They are quicker and easier to install than block wall systems.
  • GEOWEB solutions reduce worker fatigue and increase worksite safety.

GEOWEB Geomembrane Protection

  • A proven solution for protecting liners and reducing the sliding potential of infill cover.
  • High-strength tendons and ATRA Tendon Clips are critical components of the complete GEOWEB design solution.