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Soft Ground Solution for Site Access Roads & Oil Pads

Build stable, low-cost access roadways and oil pads with the fastest to deploy, and fast to install GEOWEB system. The 3D GEOWEB system outperforms geogrids. GEOWEB roads provide access over soft soils with just a single layer, require less surface maintenance and allow the use of onsite infill for added savings.

GEOTERRA mats are the safest construction mats in the industry for creating oil platforms, crane pads, helipads and equipment storage.  No heavy equipment is required to deploy and they are 40-70% more economical than heavy composite or timber mats.

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Site Access Roads Benefits

  • Stiff roadway structure reduces rolling resistance and speeds cycle times.
  • Quick and easy to install with on-site crews and without specialized equipment. GEOWEB sections are easy to transport—even to remote locations.
  • High-strength honeycomb-like structure confines infill, reduces base requirements by up to 50%.
  • Confined material requires less re-grading. One highly-trafficked GEOWEB oil lease access road has not required maintenance grading since installation, over 30 months!
  • Use of local infill reduces the cost and transportation of materials to the site.
  • ATRA Keys are the safe, quick and easy way to connect GEOWEB sections.

GEOTERRA Construction Mat Benefits

  • Two styles available: GEOTERRA (Padloc® connection), GEOTERRA GTO (bolt connection).
  • 40-70% more economical than heavy composite or timber mats.
  • Easy-to-handle, safe mats do not require heavy special handling equipment.
  • Mats can be connected to cover exact site coverage needs. GEOTERRA mats may be preassembled for quicker deployment onsite.
  • Offers a low life-cycle cost through the ability to disassemble, remove and reuse.
  • Low environmental impact GEOTERRA mats are made from recycled polyethylene blend and allow total restoration of an area after use.