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The Fastest Geocell Anchor Driving Tool

It’s fast and easy to drive large quantities of anchors and anchors in hard soils with Presto’s ATRA® Drivers. Even in normal soil conditions, contractors prefer this powerful driving tool because it’s 10X faster than driving anchors with sledge hammers! The drivers cut down on worker fatigue and stress because the tool absorbs the driving impact, not the worker. Dramatically reduce labor costs and time on site.

Use with Presto’s ATRA Anchors and ATRA ‘GAD’ driver rods (compatible with Hilti® or SDS® Max devices).

ATRA® Driver Benefits

ATRA® Stake Clips, Anchors & Drivers
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atra stake clips support anchor drivers

ATRA Stake Clip Designed for Anchors, GEOWEB Cell Wall Connection.

The anchor’s flanged arms make secure connections with the GEOWEB cell walls or tendons, unlike J-hooks that only make a loose connection.

atra stake clips for support

ATRA Stake Clips fit Standard Rebar/Rods.

ATRA Stake Clips are available to fit either #4 rebar, or 10-12 mm dia. rod.

atra stake clips anchor driver

ATRA Anchors Easier, Faster to Drive than JHooks.

The ATRA Anchor is driven more easily than the curved J-hooks, where the driving force is offset from the center of gravity. ATRA Stake Clips and rebar drive true and easily as energy from the hammer is aligned 100% with the target.

atra stake clip on geocell

Secure Connection with GEOWEB Cell Walls.

The ATRA Stake Clip arm slides securely over the GEOWEB cell wall and positions the rebar along the cell wall offering full length resistance for the height of the cell wall.


ATRA Driver is Efficient. Drives Anchors 10X Faster than with a Sledge Hammer.

A special ATRA GAD attaches to pneumatic drivers and fits securely over ATRA Anchors for fast and efficient driving of anchors. Reduces worker fatigue. Beneficial in hard soils or with high anchor density. Available in Hilti or SDS Max formats.

See All GEOWEB® ATRA® Accessories Built for Strength, Speed

  • ATRA Keys are fast GEOWEB connection devices that are three-times stronger and three-times faster than stapling. The key’s turn and ‘lock’ design assures a secure and long-term connection.
  • ATRA® Stake Clips are high-strength polymer end caps for creating GEOWEB anchors. Available for #4 and 10-12 mm rebar for contractors everywhere (US and Metric).
  • ATRA® Anchors are created by attaching ATRA Stake Clips to rebar or straight rods, forming anchors that are easier and faster to drive than curved J-hooks.
  • ATRA Drivers are efficient anchor driving tools – workers can drive anchors 10X faster than with a sledge hammer. Reduces worker fatigue and extremely beneficial in hard soils or projects with high anchor density. Available in Hilti® or SDS® Max formats.
  • ATRA® Tendon Clips are high-strength load transfer devices for use with tendons. Designed with twice the pull-through strength of any other load transfer devices. ATRA Tendon Clips ‘lock’ with the GEOWEB cell wall for the most secure connection. Tendons secured with the locked components allow preassembly off-slope for easier installation.

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