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Landscape Mats Protect Grass from Light Vehicle Access

Drive over grass with light construction vehicles and equipment without damaging the turf with GEORUNNER® Portable Mats. GEORUNNER mats help prevent deep rutting, soil compaction and turf damage that would require post-construction restoration. They also bridge sandy areas to support light-weight vehicles, wheel chairs and foot traffic. For longer term use, the open cells allow water and light to reach the turf eliminating vegetation damage. A better alternative to plywood, the mats are made from weather-resistant polymer that will not absorb water, are easy to clean and store, and will not rot or degrade.



GEORUNNER® Turf Protection Mats Benefits

GEORUNNER® Landscape Turf Protection Mats
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GEORUNNER Turf protection mats example

Reduces Soil Compaction & Rutting.

GEORUNNER mats protect turf from soil compaction, deep
ruts and damage caused by concentrated light-to-medium
vehicle or equipment loads. They can reduce mud tracking
from construction site entrances.

GEORUNNER Turf protection mats applied

Lightweight, Easy to Handle.

The mats are light-weight, easily transported between jobs and require minimal storage space.

GEORUNNER landscape turf protection mats

Fully Integrated System Features End-to-End & Side-to-Side Connections.

GEORUNNER mats secured end-to-end with rivets and overlapping tabs creates a flush connection for wheel lanes. Side-to-side connections are available when connecting larger areas.

GEORUNNER Turf protection mats for landscape

Bridges Sand.

GEORUNNER mats bridge over sandy areas to allow easy access of lightweight vehicles, wheel chairs or foot traffic.

landscape turf protection mats GEORUNNER

Supports Vegetation.

May be used for temporary or permanent light-weight applications. The open design stimulates dense vegetation growth as sunlight and water easily permeate, maintaining healthy turf for long term use.

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Weather Resistant.

Unlike plywood that accumulates mud and absorbs water,
GEORUNNER mats are made from weather-resistant polymer. They won’t rot or get soft and are easily cleaned for multiple uses.

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