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Hard-Armor and Soft Armoring Shoreline Stabilization

Offering unique solutions to prevent erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and wave action with the 3D GEOWEB® Shoreline Protection System. Provides protect to geomembranes on ponds and in stormwater and wastewater containment basins. The GEOWEB® System creates a stable environment for infill.

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GEOWEB® Shoreline Protection Benefits

GEOWEB® 3D Shoreline Protection Solution
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GEOWEB Geocell slope protection

Builds Steeper Slopes.

GEOWEB 3D confinement allows construction of steep slopes using topsoil or other infill.

Channel erosion protection for shoreline

Resists Sheet Flow Erosion.

Confined infill in the 3D GEOWEB cellular structure is unaffected by sheet flow over the surface, preventing erosion. Combine with a TRM for highest resistance to sheet flow, wave action and shear forces.

GEOWEB geocells

I-Slots for ATRA Components.

GEOWEB wall I-Slots facilitate use of stronger design and faster installation devices. Join GEOWEB sections with ATRA keys, thread tendon and transfer load from the GEOWEB sections to tendons with ATRA tendon clips.

Geocell soil stabilization on shoreline

Cellular Network Creates Stable Growth Environment.

The GEOWEB 3D cellular network isolates each cell to create an eco-zone protected from erosive forces.

Channel erosion protection from GEOWEB

Perforations Allow Root Lock-up.

Up to 20% of the GEOWEB wall is perforated to stimulate cross-root growth delivering a strong geo-vegetated solution.

Allows Select Vegetation & Plantings.

Slopes can be designed with special vegetation type, flowering plants or even arid-resistant vegetation to meet climate conditions.

shoreline protection with Geomembrane and atra tendon

Suspends Vegetation Over Liner Systems.

Using tendons and ATRA® tendon clips, support a GEOWEB solution over liners without puncturing the impermeable liner with stakes.

Discover More Benefits

Benefits of the 3D GEOWEB for Shorelines

  • Builds steeper shoreline slopes.
  • Resists sheet flow erosion.
  • Creates a stable growth environment.
  • Allows root lock-up.
  • Allows select vegetation and plantings.
  • Suspends vegetation over liner systems.