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The Most Efficient Geocell Retaining Wall Connection Device

The ATRA Wall Key is a device used to connect adjacent GEOWEB Retaining Wall sections through the GEOWEB material slots (I-slots). The ATRA Wall Key includes an integrated washer at the base of the handle for coverage of the I-slots when connecting adjacent wall sections, frictional barbs for an improved interlock with the GEOWEB sections, and an ergonomic handle with S-shaped contouring for ease of installation.

Formulated to withstand weathering and ultraviolet radiation, the ATRA Wall Keys will not corrode or photodegrade, even when exposed to harsh environments. Securing sections with the Wall Keys is faster than using staples or zip ties, requires no tools, and can be completed by one installer with one easy turn.

The ATRA Wall Keys blend seamlessly into the wall sections and pre-cut I-slots eliminate on-site cutting of the wall sections.


ATRA® Wall Key Benefits

ATRA® Key Compared to Stapling
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Durable Polymer Won’t Degrade.

The ATRA Wall Key’s inert polymer material will not degrade or corrode like staples so the connection strength and performance remains the same for the life of the installation.

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Three Times Faster Than Stapling.

The ATRA Wall Key is three times faster than stapling operations. GEOWEB wall sections are quick to connect with a simple turn of the ATRA wall key.

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Three Times Stronger Than Stapling.

The ATRA wall key is three times stronger than stapling. Stapling can fail with a “zipper effect” where each staple can disengage.

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Connection Certainty.

ATRA wall keys inserted through defined cell wall i-slots ensure the required connection is made. With stapling, contractors seldom use the recommended number of staples per connection, creating a weaker connection point.

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Labor Savings. One Worker vs. Two for Stapling.

Only one worker is required per connection point with ATRA wall keys. Stapling requires two workers on each connection point–one to hold the sections together and the other to staple.

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No Compressors or Equipment Required.

ATRA wall keys do not require any additional equipment. Stapling requires air compressors, generators, staplers and staples -the equipment and hoses must be continually moved around the jobsite.

Hassle-Free Connection.

GEOWEB sections are made with i-slots for easy installation of ATRA wall keys in any soil or weather conditions. Staplers are prone to chronic problems with misfires and jamming, especially at wet, muddy or sandy sites.

Safer for Workers.

Using ATRA wall keys instead of stapling eliminates potential for hand injuries caused by staplers, and user movement of equipment and hoses.

Discover More Benefits

ATRA Wall Key Advantages Compared to Stapling

  • Labor Savings: Installers can work independently to connect GEOWEB Retaining Wall sections instead of requiring two people for stapling operations. Connection time with ATRA Wall Keys is nearly three times faster than stapling.
  • Equipment Savings: Eliminates the requirement and cost for air compressors and pneumatic staplers and the down-time expense of operating staplers in a construction environment.
  • Accessibility and Portability: Easy to work with on any grade and easy to transport to remote or difficult-to-access locations.
  • Safety: Eliminates worker injuries associated with jammed or misfired staplers and eliminates worker injuries associated with sharp cutting tools when used in conjunction with pre-punched I-slots.
  • Color Match: Comes in two different colors to match the green and tan wall fascia.

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