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Build Fast Dependable Oil Site Access

Stable lease access roadways into and around oil sites are built economically with the GEOWEB 3D soil stabilization system—a fast to install all-weather road solution. Unlike 2D geogrid systems, the 3D GEOWEB system allows use of available onsite infill and provides access over soft subgrades with just a single layer for time and cost savings. Confined infill in the GEOWEB structure allows a reduction of base materials up to 50%, and requires far less re-grading for essentially no maintenance.

“We did not like the material, we loved it. The roads have been performing way above our highest expectations”. Construction Procurement Manager, Canadian Oil Company, Road project.

Discover More Benefits

GEOWEB Site Access Roads Benefits

  • Distributes heavy loads—allowing up to 50% reduction of base requirements.
  • Requires less re-grading. One highly-trafficked GEOWEB oil lease access road has not required maintenance grading since installation, over 30 months!
  • Stiff roadway structure reduces rolling resistance and speeds cycle times.
  • Use of local infill reduces the cost and transportation of materials to the site.
  • Quick and easy to install with on-site crews and without specialized equipment. GEOWEB sections are easy to transport—even to remote locations.
  • ATRA® Keys are the safe, quick, and easy way to connect GEOWEB sections.