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Geoweb® Retaining Wall System


Design green retaining walls that retain structural integrity even in poor base conditions. Construct low-impact development walls that reduce stormwater runoff and help meet green building goals.

Presto GEOWEB® Retaining Wallscreate economical and structurally-sound retaining walls that meet all design requirements and desired aesthetics through a terraced vegetated face. Typical wall structures are Steepened Slopes, Reinforced Walls, Gravity Walls and Multi-Layered Channel Systems.

Design gravity & Reinforced walls with our FREE, licensed MSE retaining wall software.
Step-by-step installation sequence for GEOWEB® Retaining Walls.

GEOWEB® MSE Retaining Wall Software

Presto offers free, licensed software to design GEOWEB geocell reinforced slopes, and gravity and reinforced walls. Learn More.

ARCAT Design Tools:

Economic Benefits

Why contractors prefer GEOWEB geocell retaining wall systems:

  • Use of less expensive on-site infill materials saves cost.
  • Faster construction saves cost:Compact and light-weight sections are easier to handle, deploy and construct even in difficult-access or remote locations.
  • Handling of light-weight sections compared to heavier block systems reduces worker down-time.

Sustainable Vegetation

The GEOWEB retaining wall system's open-celled horizontal terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation. The vegetated system allows rain water to collect through the wall fascia, maximizing stormwater collection, and minimizing runoff.

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Earth Retention Key Applications

Design & Construction Tools

Presto offers a complimentary Geoweb® project evaluation service.


Build your specification your way with Presto's fast and easy SPECMaker® Specification Tool.

Green Solutions

The highly permeable wall surface is a natural low impact development (LID) solution for managing stormwater on site.

Contributes to US Green Building Council LEED® green building credits in the categories for reducing site disruption, stormwater quantity and quality control and regional materials (if applicable).

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