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Design strong porous pavements that support H-20 loadings and offer desirable aesthetics of green space. Reduce costs associated with impervious pavements by infiltrating stormwater on-site and reducing runoff.

The Presto Geoblock® system is the ultimate turf protection system for occasional pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It's also a green solution that offers exceptional aesthetics, load support, permeability, and can help you meet green building goals and earn LEED credits.


The high-strength porous paver units support and distribute concentrated loads for the highest load distribution. Two styles cost-effectively accommodate all loading requirements:

  • GEOBLOCK®5150 is designed for the heaviest traffic loads and highest turf protection. Size: 20 in x 40 in x 2 in deep (0.50 m x 1.0 m x 50 mm)
  • GEOBLOCK®2 is designed for light-to-medium traffic loads and good turf protection. Size: 20 in x 40 in x 1.2 in deep (0.50 m x 1.0 m x 30 mm)
  • Compare to Other Paver Systems


Large Geoblock porous paving units are designed for maximum load transfer and support, resistance to traffic stresses and maximum turf protection.

  • Maximizes load transfer and distribution of vehicle loads to 80,000 lbs. through large rigid surface area and strong interlocking connections.
  • Reduces overall installation costs by requiring less base depth than lighter-weight or rolled pavement systems.
  • High resistance to movement or breakage from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads.
  • Deeper cells protect from topsoil compaction and vegetative damage caused by repeated loadings.

Geoblock Material: Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (See specifications, case studies and other design and construction tools on right sidebar).

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Presto manufactures eco-friendly, low-environmental-impact products that contribute to LEED® green building credits.  

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