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GeoRunner® Scour Protection Mats

GeoRunner® Mats protect embankments from scour and erosion caused by surface flow. Beneficial for ditch protection, and for protecting channels, shorelines, culvert outfalls and areas exposed to concentrated flows.

Stop Scour with GEORUNNER® Flow Protection Mats.
Easy installation of GEORUNNER® mats for long-term scour protection.


GeoRunner Scour Protection Mats are light weight, easy to handle and more economical than heavier concrete mat systems. They are secured with side to side and end to end connectors and an integral anchor system designed to resist pull-out caused from saturated soils. View Installation Guide


Designed with a high open area, the mat structure fully engages with the vegetative root system, creating dense, stabilizing grass growth. This dense vegetation reduces visibility of the system once vegetation is fully established.

GeoRunner® Material: Polymer (See specifications and other design and construction tools on right sidebar).

GeoRunner® Unit Size: 2 ft. x 4 ft. (.6 m x 1.2 m)

GeoRunner mats are also beneficial for surface protection Click for more information.

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Key Applications

  • Culvert Outfalls
  • Stormwater Channels & Containment Ponds
  • Swales and Drainage Ditches
  • Shoreline Embankments
  • Spillways / Down Chutes / Drop Structures


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