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Protect grassed areas from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Protect turf from light-weight construction equipment and reduce mud tracking from construction sites. Access difficult sandy and soft soil areas.

Presto GeoRunner® Surface Protection Mats are portable, economical and drivable construction mats that every contractor will want. The light-weight (8 lbs), easy-to-handle size makes them ideally-suited for transporting to construction sites.


GeoRunner mats minimize turf damage and soil compaction caused by concentrated light-to-medium loads from pedestrian foot traffic, equipment and vehicles. Contractors prefer them over plywood because they can be quickly removed from sites, cleaned, stored and reused numerous times. View Installation Guide

Excellent for temporary or permanent, light-weight applications, GeoRunner mats are also useful for creating storage surfaces for small trailers, boats, and other items.

GeoRunner Material: Polymer (See specifications and other design and construction tools on right side bar).

GeoRunner Unit Size: 2 ft. x 4 ft. (.6m x 1.2 m), 8 lbs (3.6 kg).

GeoRunner mats are also beneficial for flow protection. Click for more information.

If heavier-weight construction mats are desired, check out the GeoTerra® system.

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GeoRunner Key Applications

  • Light-weight Temporary or Permanent Applications
  • Construction Access over Turf
  • Landscape Equipment and Vehicle Access over Lawns or Sandy Areas
  • Barrier Free Access
  • Concentrated Foot Traffic during Special Events
  • Sports Fields Sidelines
  • Storage Pads for Boats and Trailers

Design & Construction Tools

Green Solutions

  • Polypropylene material is easily cleaned for multiple uses and doesn't damage or absorb water and soil like plywood.
  • High percentage open area allows sunlight and water to permeate, maintaining healthy turf.
  • Small mesh opening is ideal for barrier-free access.

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