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Create Low Impact Bike Trails, Urban Walking Paths & ATV Trails

Finding economical and low-maintenance solutions to stabilize trails and greenways to protect against surface wear and erosion can be difficult. It is even more challenging in poor soils or environmentally-sensitive areas where minimal disturbance is desired. Presto Geosystem’s solutions meet these challenges by offering long-term stability, permeability, and low environmental impact options for pedestrians, equestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs, ATVs and other vehicle access. The Geosystems’ solution-set is ideal to shore up land adjacent to trails—including retaining walls, slope stabilization, and drainage channels.

Trail and Greenways Applications

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Solutions for Pedestrian, Bike & ATV Trails

  • GEOPAVE and GEOWEB systems stabilize aggregate surface materials for lower maintenance and protection from surface wear and scour.
  • GEOBLOCK systems protect turf from pedestrian traffic in walkways and greenways.
  • GEOWEB systems provide base stabilization under hard surface trails (asphalt or concrete) eliminating alligator cracking and premature pavement deterioration.
  • GEOTERRA mats deliver trail hardening over soft soils and wetlands for ATV & OHV access. The mats eliminate trail braiding and allow vegetation to flourish.

GEOWEB Benefits for Slope Embankments & Drainage Channels

  • Stabilizes fill materials (topsoil/vegetation or aggregate) for trail embankments, drainage ditches and vegetated retaining walls.
  • With permeable infill, promotes stormwater infiltration, offering low-impact solutions in environmentally-sensitive areas.